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Translating and Authoring Services


Spanish, French and Italian to English

As you will see below I can translate a whole range of written texts for you, and I can generally maintain the same format as the original. So if you need a Word, PowerPoint or PDF document translated, I can return the finished document to you in whichever format suits you best, without changing the original style or the visual impact that you designed.  But of course photocopies, images, handwritten text, personal or company documents, web pages, letters - almost anything containing text can be translated from one language to another.

Authoring (in English)

When something important needs to be put into writing, so many factors can influence the effectiveness of the text: the tone of the prose; for whom we are writing; how we want to inform, affect or influence the reader and how quickly we need to do that. Every piece of writing must communicate effectively, whether it be fact or fiction, a love letter or a tourist guide, a Company brochure or an autobiography. Generally, inexperienced writers discover that it’s not as easy as it looks within five minutes of sitting down at the keyboard – which is where ghost-writers, copywriters and translators like me can come in handy. Productive communication is all about successfully getting your message across to the reader. I look forward to working with you on your writing project.






  • Spanish, French and Italian to English

  • Letters

  • Books and articles

  • Brochures, flyers, presentations and publicity material

  • Web pages, Blogs and Social Media articles

  • Menus, recipes, reviews

  • Instruction manuals

  • Tourist Guides and brochures

  • Personal documents

  • Company documents

  • Official documents and forms ...and so much more.


  • Proofreading

  • Editing

  • Video subtitling

  • Ghostwriting

  • Autobiographies

  • Advertising copy-writing

  • Radio advertisements

  • Tourism brochures

  • Sales brochures

  • Essays

  • Personal Letters

  • Business letters

  • Prospectuses

  • Reports fact anything that needs to be communicated in writing.

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