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Let me teach you to speak Spanish


When learning a language most people make 5 basic mistakes:

1. They concentrate on studying and memorising lots of individual words.

2. They think in their native language and try to translate to the new language as they go along.

3. They don't learn how to join words together into sentences.

4. They are scared to open their mouth in case they make a mistake.

5. They give up just when they're making progress.

It doesn't have to be this hard! 

In fact, it can be as easy as riding a bike. 

Think back to when you first started riding a bike:

Did you study a "How to ride a bike" Manual?

Did you try to memorise all the riding techniques?

Did you quit because you were afraid to fall off?

Of course not - you just DID IT!


Ok, perhaps you fell off a few times after your parent stopped supporting you,

but you didn't quit, and you can remember how to do it to this day.

What was the secret? - Practice!

What did you practise? - You practised riding. You didn't study more - you rode more!

Come to one of my classes and I'll keep you steady until you're speaking Spanish on your own -

which you'll start to do from the very first class, or the class is free.

Contact me to find out when I have a free place in a local class, or get a group of people together (4 or more) and I'll organise special classes for your group. 

Hasta pronto! (which means "see you soon". Repeat it 10 times and never forget it!)

Click here to contact me.



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