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bandera inglés-español

As a guide, an A4 page of typed, single-spaced, general text would  contain around 500 words and would cost about €25.00 to translate.


General text:                    0.06€ per word

Medical terminology:      0.10€ per word 

Technical terminology:   0.08€ per word

Legal terminology:          0.10€ per word


High volume -           Ask for a quotation

Other languages -    Ask for a quotation

Minimum charge €25.00 


Please ask for a specific, commitment-free quotation.

speech inglés-español


English>Spanish or Spanish>English:


Per hour (or part) active interpreting:             €35.00

Bi-directional (two languages):                         €40.00

Per hour (or part) waiting/travel time:            €17.50

Full day 9am to 5pm:                                       €250.00

Half day 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm:          €130.00

Additional hours (or part):                        Hourly rate

Meals and appropriate expenses:          Reimbursed 

old typewriter keys


As you can imagine, much depends on what you need me to write, how much research is required to complete the task and how quickly you need it done.

You can expect to pay around €35.00 to €50.00 for a typewritten, single-spaced A4 page containing an average of 500 words. But please ask for a specific, commitment-free quotation.

Prices do not include VAT (IVA)

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