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Services for Ex-Pats in the Javea & Denia region

Things that would be simple routine back home suddenly seem complicated and stressful when you don't understand the system or speak the language well enough to make yourself properly understood.


We have the experience to make your life easier by either doing the work for you or accompanying you to get it done. Our services are economical and efficient.


See the list of services below:

NIE number (Foreigner Identification Number)

Whether you are a permanent resident of not, if you intend to open a bank account, get a mobile phone SIM, buy a car, buy a property, contract electricity or other services, or enter into any other contractual relationship, you will need a NIE number. This is obtained by filling out a form, showing some personal documents, paying a small tax and applying online for a personal appointment at the National Police station in Denia.

If you speak good Spanish you can probably do it on your own. If you don't, it can be quite stressful. Appointments take about 10 weeks from the date you do the online application. NIE numbers never expire, and they make life in Spain much easier.

Resident Registration

If you plan to live (or have lived) in Spain for 90 days or more, you are legally obliged to register as a resident. Many people confuse a NIE number with Resident Registration, but they are NOT the same thing. The process for registering as a resident is similar to the method of getting a NIE number, but there are additional requirements. Most notably:

  • You will need to prove you have a means of financial support by showing evidence of a regular income or a lump sum equivalent. People receiving a government pension can get an "S1" form from their own government to justify their income (which will also qualify them and their family for free National Health services).

  • Without an S1 form, you will need a private medical insurance policy. Travel insurance or many insurances issued in other countries will not suffice. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will also not suffice to register as a resident.

  • A permanent address in Spain.

Remember that if you are in Spain for more than 90 days without registering, you are here illegally.

Good News: You can get both your NIE and register as a resident at the same appointment, so you'll save some time.

Insurance policies in English

We have an alliance with one of the region's most respected English-speaking, independent insurance brokers, and he can offer you very competitive policies from major European insurers, with policies written in English.

Companies he recommends include: Liberty Seguros, Allianz, Plus-Ultra, DKV, ASISA, Salus, ERV and Arag - all well-known insurers with optimum guarantees.

Types of insurance:

  • Health Insurance - especially policies that meet residence registration requirements and have local private clinics.

  • Car/Boat/Caravan Insurance - for Spanish-registered vehicles.

  • Home/Business Insurance - contents and buildings.

  • Travel Insurance - Valid worldwide, with no age or medical limitations.

  • Life/Funeral/Personal Accident plans.

  • He will also handle all claims for you, as well as offering additional services especially for ex-Pats.

What else can we do for you?

Just let us know what you need, from helping you to open a bank account to accompanying you on a furniture-buying expedition.

We can translate for you with School or Health Authorities, and even interpret for you at a Doctor's appointment.

We have contacts with all sorts of local professionals and service providers. 

Asking for advice costs nothing, and we're pleased to be able to help. 

Click here for our Contact page and let us know what you need. 


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